He Decided To Turn On The Camera, Watch What He Managed To Record, It’s Unbelievable

Driving is not as simple as it feels. You just can never tell what the driver behind you or in front might decide to do. If the driver happens to be driving Under Influence of alcohol or some other drug, the scenario changes from a simple drive to a totally different thing all together. Lives can end in an instant, and cars or trucks can be destroyed in the blink of an eye. A journey that was to take a couple of minutes is cut short forever.

That is how serious driving is. In the video below, the driver felt that what he had just seen might not end well. So he did what he could do at that moment. He switched his camera on. What he filmed is beyond our imagination. It is the least you would have expected to see. Take a moment and watch.

Do you have similar crude incidents that have scarred your memory for life? Take a moment and post your experiences below. Maybe others who might be doing the same thing might come to their senses after reading the comments.

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