He Encounters A Mountain Lion While Biking, His Reaction? Unbelievable!

If you are a long time camper, biker and hiker, then you know how to maneuver things around when you are in a lion infested area. Do Not Run! This is the advice number one that California Department of Fish and Game offers to learners interacting with nature. If you happen to run, a lion might opt to run after you. The best thing is to stand and stare at the beast, like what the biker in the clip below did when he came across a mountain lion while riding.

Actually, this biker, Chris, was spending his summer vacation by doing some mountain biking in Fernie, BC. While biking, he came face to face with the king of all the forest animals. By looking at the clip, you will never find where he is hiding in the bush because of his perfect camouflage.

This biker realizes the presence of the lion but decides to be as calm as possible. The lion walks closer to him. Chris retreats to a higher and safer place and starts conversing with the lion, telling him that he is bigger than him.

He manages to keep himself calm till the lion goes away. Watch the clip below and let us know how you would have behaved if it were you. Please SHARE this story on your Facebook page for everyone to get this advice!

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