He Failed To Successfully Bid For A Car Owned By His Late Father. Then A Stranger Shocked Him…

Many times when we lose our loved ones, we always take one item that will remind us of them and cherish it for as long as we live. We do that as a way to appreciate who they are to us. If you have a loved one who is serving in the armed forces, such as the police or the army, then you always live in fear of losing them. That is true if they are on deployment or if they are police officers who patrol the streets to keep us safe.

Now, how would you feel after losing a bid to buy a car that belonged to your loved one with everything you had saved? You just keep bidding, with everything else you could sell to cover the balance, but still someone outbids you. That is what happened in the video below. Tanner Brownlee thought he had lost his late dad’s squad car for life. Then the winner came to pick the keys and wow. This is one of the most emotional moments Tanner Brownlee will have with this car.

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