He Felt Something Tug Him When He Stepped Into The Water. What He Found Was Shocking!

Some of the ocean critters are very disturbing and as you go deep into the sea, the stranger the creatures become. Creatures such as goblin shark scare me every time I think of it. Most of the mammals found in the ocean such as seals, whales, and dolphins are very friendly to human beings. In the video which has become very popular on the internet, beachgoers were surprised when a sea otter swam up to them. Perhaps it also wanted to see the humans just as they wanted to see it.

The beachgoers first saw something which was black floating in the water, and it moved quickly. They realized it was a sea otter and decided to film it as it was having fun. When the sea otter saw a man on Cadboro Bay Beach, it singled him out making him his new friend. As the two got close, the sea otter played and danced around his new friend’s legs.

What might have shocked the sea otter is having a new friend with a different smell that all other sea otters did not have. A special moment comes in the 45-second, and the sea otter leaves the way he had come leaving his friend with this memorable moment caught on tape which he will think of and miss.

We human beings sometimes do not appreciate these animals except just to hunt and kill them. But just like the sea otter, they are brilliant. Tell us what would be your reaction if a mama moose chose to birth her calves in your backyard. Your friends and family must watch this exciting video and SHARE on Facebook!

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