He Finds Mom Waiting For Him With A Camera, But When He Opens The Box… WHOA!

At 9, Connor Dobbyn is a cool kid, but he misses his elder brother who just joined the US Army and is undergoing training in Florida. Connor and his brother, Brad, have been very close, and now they both find it hard to stay away from each other. But their mom, Jessica, has a plan!

So one day Connor walks home from school only to find his mom at the front porch with a camera trained on him. Apparently, Brad has sent a package for Connor, and mom isn’t happy because Connor didn’t tell her about it. Obviously, it’s clear that Connor had no idea his brother was sending him a delivery, but that’s beside the point!

Now follow the two as they enter the house and Connor finds the box. He has to open it up to reveal his brother’s special delivery. And then a voice comes on from the box!

You won’t believe this. I can’t either. What a surprise! Watch this and love it. Be sure to SHARE with all your good friends on Facebook!

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