He Fought For Our Country Sometimes Back, But Watching This Made Me Cry!

The number of homeless people around the world keeps on growing with every passing day. What pains me most is that there are those of us who act indifferent when relating with homeless people. The clip below features a social experiment that was carried out by MoeAndET (a YouTube channel.) The experiment wanted to find out how people will respond to a homeless child versus a homeless man.

One little boy was prepared to play the role of a homeless kid. The boy was to go to a real homeless man and sit beside him at one sidewalk. As the experiment goes on, passersby are seen approaching the kid and giving him some cash. There are those who were even willing to kiss and hug him. Despite that, you can’t believe the manner in which the homeless man is treated. By watching this, you just discover how cruel the world is. Actually, the poor guy is a veteran who at some point was even demeaned by a meter maid.

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