He Goes In To Get His Bushy Hair Dealt With. When He Walks On-Stage? Wow!

Here’s the video that’s been taking over the internet. This cool dad, Ian, had been growing long hair for quite a while. His beard too, was one heck of a long and bushy one. His sons, Cameron and Benjamin, had always been pushing him to get this bush dealt with once and for all. Even parents offered to fork out a fee if he could just do away with “that unpleasant thing on his head,” and he said no!

But dads have this urge to make their loved ones happy, so at one point, Ian decided to pull-off the one thing nobody expected from him anymore. And he did it right on a big stage on a popular live show!

In the video, you get to witness that absolute moment when this dad gets his hair cut and styled by the best stylist in town, Kyan Douglas. With that mention, you can already guess where this is happening:  The Rachael Ray Show!

Now, wait for that moment when, after the deed is done, Ian gets to walk on-stage to face his family. Even his ex-wife can’t believe this. The man looks really great!

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