He Had A Vasectomy, But His Wife Is Now Pregnant. What He Does? Must Watch!

When they got their third kid, Rachel and Tim decided not to have any more children, so Tim went into a procedure and had vasectomy. Amidst all this, none of them ever thought fate could pull a fast one on them, until it did!

At some point, Tim began to notice some changes about his wife. Rachel was getting moody and tired all the time. She was always hungry. All these symptoms mirrored those of a pregnant woman. But he had vasectomy!

When the symptoms got more intense, Tim decided to investigate. He set the toilet not to flush so he could get a pee sample from Rachel. He tested and to his surprise, she was indeed pregnant. What a surprise!

In the clip here, Tim is planning to surprise his wife with the news. He even set a camera to capture the occasion. Now wait for that moment when Rachel walks in and finds a note. She reads, and her face changes. You need to see this!

Turns out, the couple hadn’t followed up with the vasectomy results, and now Tim had “knocked up” his wife again. Watch the full clip and be sure to SHARE with your buddies on Facebook. Now!

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