He Has A Golden Heart, But He Is Saddened When This Happens… Watch Out!

Thomas Weller is a highway patroller of San Diego who has used his personal rescue vehicle for 50 years now. He aids whoever is in need at the highway, from trapped drivers, accident victims, to drivers who have ran short of fuel. Thought he has helped many, he has never asked them for money in return. Instead, he has some small cards that he hands to them that says it was nice helping them, and to kindly extend the same to whoever in need near them.

He named his vehicle ‘Beulah’ and it has been his companion since 1966. His vehicle was one day hit by someone. Though he wished that Beulah could be repaired again, he had no sufficient funds to do it. For good five years, Beulah lay at the garage, until a stranger by the name Rick decided to do something.

Since he had heard about how Weller used to help other people on the highway, and also about the accident of Beulah, he decided to repair the vehicle. There were many things to be mended on Beulah, but all that seemed easy for Rick.

When Beulah entered the driveway, Weller stood there speechless. He felt the urge to be in the highway that very moment. He confessed that the greatest compensation that he has ever received in his whole life was the repair, and by helping ourselves, we are helping others too.

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