He Has Been Away For 7 Months And Is Not Aware This Is About To Happen… So Touching!

If you’re a family person, then the video you’re about to watch will certainly make you feel something.

Being away from your family is one of the hardest situations any parent can find himself/herself in. A few hours can seem like days, weeks can seem like months and months like years. That’s how special a family is.

Now, put yourself in the shoes of a soldier father who is normally away from his family for months. He knows he’s in a risky mission and reuniting with his family is not a guarantee. That’s what those in the United States military go through.

As a father, John who is a soldier knows better what it means to be away from his family. During that time, his wife gave birth to a baby boy who he has not met. He has only seen photographs of his little boy. How do you imagine being separated from your loved one during pregnancy up to when she gives birth?

But, what he does not know is that is about to be given an unforgettable gift. The surprise is being delivered through the Dove campaign and like always, it’s a moment that will make you tear up

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