He Has Made An Underground Compartment For His Dog. What An Ingenious Idea!

Bland and boring are the words that can be used when describing the overall design of conventional dog houses. But for this man, he decided to make his pup a customized house. I find his design to be absolutely inventive!

Do you think his way of doing things should be adopted as a standard way of coming up with dog dwellings? It appears easy and incredibly genius. While most dogs are known to spend their nights braving the cold outside, this one has an underground nook where it can comfortably wait for whatever tomorrow has in store for it.

Given that this adorable pooch’s house has a sturdy foundation, there is no chance that the house will be swept away whenever a storm strikes. When comparing this house with other dog houses, we find it to be so spacious and thus any average sized pup can still enjoy the plenty of space it has.

This makes me looking forward to build my pooch a similar one… but do you consider this as one for your dog? Do you think sometimes it’s better for a dog to enjoy its privacy in its own house? Do you have a better design in mind?

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