He Has No Limbs But What He Does Will Surely Melt Your Heart!

If you love watching dancing routines, then the following clip will just make your day. The Davis High School dance group in Kaysville, UT, made everyone happy when they performed their lovely dance. But of all the things that impressed the spectators, it was this dancer of 17 years called Gabe Adam. He has no hands or legs but this was not a barrier for him to do what he loved most; dancing. He discovered his talent when he first performed at a seventh-grade show.

Confessing to Marsden Christensen of KSL, Adam said that he indulged himself into dancing so that he and other people surrounding him could see the potential he had and not to be seen as a person who always was in a wheelchair. It was after a couple of weeks passed that he officially became a member of the dance group.

Even though he never undergoes the same training as the other dancers, he still has the talent to dance, as dancing is how a body responds to music.

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Davis Half Time Jan. 2016 from Foursite Studios on Vimeo.

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