He Hears A Familiar Voice. When He Goes To Check? He Just Can’t Take!

Jeffrey Mayi works as a salesman in one of Honda’s outlets in Massachusetts. He hails from Gabon. Jeffrey hasn’t seen his mom for 10 good years, and he misses her. One day, something happened, and he got emotional!

On this particular day, Jeffrey came home as usual. He greeted the love of his life and also his brother. He was happy to see his brother, but there was something else he had no idea of. Jeffrey was about to bump into something that would surely put him to the floor!

As he talked with his brother, he happened to hear something from the other corner. It was a voice he recognized with affection. He turned around and went in to investigate. What he found? His mom!

What a moment! He wasn’t even sure at first. Now wait for the moment when he finally gets it. He literally falls to the floor in tears of joy. You must love this. This is such a sweet surprise!

Check out the full video captured by Jeffrey’s girlfriend and SHARE it with your lovely friends on Facebook. It’s so lovely!

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