He Is Autistic And Blind, But Wait Until He Starts Singing. That’s Real Talent!

A little boy has autism, and he’s also blind. Before you freak out about any of that, you might want to check out this clip and get your jaws dropped. You won’t believe this!

Turns out, being autistic or blind isn’t really that much limiting. People have different talents, and this boy has his all polished for the good moments in his life. In fact, he’s about to make history. Brace for this!

His name is Christopher Duffley. He can sing, and do it quite well for that matter. In the video here, the young boy is performing “Lean On Me.”  He has teamed up with the World Outreach Kid’s Choir to deliver the most compelling performance that’s going to leave you wanting more.

Watch as the little star sets out to belt out some cool lyrics that ring across the space like a melody, and then the other singers join him onstage and together they propel the mood to the next level. You can’t skip this!

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