He Is Handed A Coke Bottle, Then He Hears A Knock At The Door, What A Surprise!

Whenever the holidays are approaching, people get excited because they will be meeting with their family and friends and share with them.  This holiday, the Coca-Cola Company planned to surprise people. It was so amazing to see how these five people reacted when surprised. As for me, the best reaction came from an old man who had not seen his son for a long time. So when he was handed a coke bottle with the name Sgt. White on it, he heard a knock on the door. Upon opening it, he saw his son at the doorstep dressed up in an army uniform. What a reunion filled with emotion for the two!

Apart from the surprised father, the Coca-Cola Company brings us another surprise of a marriage proposal. In the proposal, the husband to be tells his future wife to help him reach for the coke bottle and read what is on it. When she sees the word husband on the bottle, she turns around in confusion to see her boyfriend on his knees. Other surprises that the coke company did was to release the information of the birth of a grandchild, a kid gets to know his real biological dad, and the surprise 8 employees get from their boss.

In short, the clip tries to drive a pint to us that a kind hearted deed to a person is enough to be a surprise, a thing that most of us never know, as we think that a surprise is when we are issued a gift only.

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