He Juggles To Make Ends Meet. But There Is Something Special About Him. Watch!

With the recent economy, many people struggle to meet the high living standard which keeps increasing day after day.  One guy who is struggling to meet the living standard is Gary Russo. He is a jack of all trades. During the day, Gary works as a construction worker in New York City. When he is not on duty Gary finds something else to do. I didn’t think someone like Gary would have such great capabilities. He has great ability working with microphones.

He is one guy who considers everyone who is with him. Instead of taking a nap during lunch time, Gary uses his time to sing. This is the opposite of what many can expect of a construction worker like him.

He produces a voice that when you hear it, all the day’s stress is taken away. Amidst everything, his singing, does magic to the constant problems. I think, there is no other way to appreciate the people who surround you than how Gary does it. What he does should not be ignored. He is amazing.

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