He Lines Up His Mom For Suitors, And You Won’t Believe How!

A mom will do anything to keep her child happy and fully provided for, and there’s just no way you can ever repay that kind of unconditional love!

But someone tried!

Now, if all the kids are grown and in some undesirable occurrence, their mom is left all alone, which kid wouldn’t want to do something to get her happiness back? You would want your lovely mother to have someone to love and be loved by, some nice person she can spend her good times and do her favorite activities with!

And that’s what Alex Norgay wants for his mom Eva!

Eva went from the Czech Republic to live in Norway. She tried dating, even online, but she couldn’t get the man of her dreams. That’s when Alex got brilliant, and came up with this genius solution, but it had to be a secret!

Whenever his mom was doing what she loved, Alex would creep up on her and do secret filming, having his mom on tape in her natural and beautiful nature!

By posting the video online, Alex hopes it could help him mom meet some cool interested suitors. So noble of a son!

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