He Lives In The Forest And His Friend In The House, But He Won’t Miss Taking His Breakfast!

When we talk about pets, most of us think of cats and dogs. In the following video, we see a woman calling her pet while still outside. Instead of a cat or a dog appearing, a little deer nears her from the woods. He goes further to leap as if he wanted a hug from his mom.
The woman had to bottle feed this deer after his mother was killed by the hunters, which strengthened the bond between them. After some time, the deer was left to return to the woods. Nearly all the mornings when this woman is taking breakfast, this lovely creature pays her a visit so as to have breakfast with her!

The deer knows that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. After emerging from the woods, she tails the woman back inside where she gets her bottle of milk and takes it. These two really understand each other, and the deer is very much aware that the woman rescued his life.

It’s important to note that the woman in this video underwent a training and is a wildlife professional in matters dealing with animal care. If it happens one day you have an encounter with a little fawn, never take it home, just leave it to go his way or call the animal organization.

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