He Made A Love Documentary, When He Showed His Wife? Romantic!

Women are fond of doing “mushy” things like scrapbooks of photos, love letters, memorabilia and notes. They also want everything to be recorded and documented, and they are very specific about important events and dates. On the other hand, men don’t like such things, and that does not mean they are not loving or romantic. They have their ways which make women love them more. The case in this video is not different from it.

Casey Neistat is a filmmaker, and he decided to honor his wife, Candice Pool with a very romantic documentary. The documentary entails their love story for the last eight years. Raw and random moments were filmed from their early years starting from their first date, Casey’s proposal until their marriage.

The cutest part of this documentary happens when Neistat admits the mistakes he made by saying he was sorry or by accepting the fact that Candice was right concerning something. As he does this recording, Candice does not know about it. The greatest surprise comes when Casey shows the documentary to his wife. What a romantic moment!

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