He Made Cancer Patients Smile Despite Being A Kid. Now He Has Stage 4 Cancer!

There are events that occur in our lives that we cannot explain. And when they do, all we can do is roll with them and hope for the best. That is what happened to a seven-year old boy who had been donating his hair to cancer patients. He was after diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He however is not feeling sorry for himself. Instead he is as strong as ever.

Vinny Desautels was born to two parents, Jason and Amanda Desautels. Unlike most kids of his age, he was different. He had an unquestionable thirst for knowledge. So when he heard his mother was participating in a gala for survivors of cancer, he wanted to know more about it. That is when his mother told him about the condition of cancer patients’ hair.

Since she was a hair specialist, she wanted to do something to help. That is when Vinny said he wanted to help. While his mother was doing something by styling the cancer patients’ hair, he wanted to donate his to them. He did not cut his hair for two years. He did not mind about the teasing, people asking if he was a girl. After two years, his mother cut his hair, 13 inches long and sent it to an organization for kids with cancer.

A few days later, Vinny started experiencing pain, had a swollen eye, then pain at the hip and a swollen hip. He was diagnosed with cancer. The parents have so far raised $300,000 for his treatment from contributions for friends. They hope the same spirit their son had will inspire others to help him.

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