He Murdered The Little Girl Just Like That – What A Monster!

There is nothing deeply hurting like when individuals harass young children who have no capability to anything about it. More hurting enough is that most often, young children are harassed by individuals whom they are closely related to. As such, the essence of harassment can’t be noticed easily since we all tend to believe they are either playing with or correcting the children. Here a similar case you can believe- you will shed tears.

A Mexican man is caught roughing around with his 3-year-old step daughter- unbelievable!  Initially, since the two are in a hotel pool, it seems like man and his stepdaughter are making fun through playing games. However, the end turns out to be a murder case video- it just tears apart.

The step father would continuously grab the young daughter and throw her into the hotel pool. At the moment, the mother was asleep in the hotel rooms. However, after the stepfather throws the young girl severally into the pool, he later takes her on the pool edge- you will not believe what happens next.

The stepfather pushes the daughters head first into the water. He later allows the girl out of the water to gasp for breath. After that the step father submerges again the daughter under water. The girl by then, and in an effort to fight for life, she starts to flap her feet as well as arms. Unfortunately, all is in vain. When she is rushed to the hospital, the doctors confirm her dead as a result of secondary drowning. The step father is later charged with aggravated homicide.

This is just a single incidence of young children brutality and harassment by close members.

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