He Painted The Bridge Pink When His Wife Died, The Reason? I’m Tearing Up!

If there is a sad thing on earth, it is to lose a loved one. Larry lost his wife Pat Payne, who they had been married for more than 50 years due to breast cancer. To honor his loved wife, Larry decided to construct a bridge over a small stream at Bushnell Township Cemetery. He made sure that he painted the bridge pink in color to show how Pat had fought with breast cancer.

Speaking to KHQA, Larry said that some days back, he had heard a woman commenting that she never liked the pink color. In response, Larry gave an explanation to her that pink was a color which meant cancer.

Christine, who is the daughter to Larry and Pat, said that her dad had constructed the bridge with all his heart and soul. The bridge was made of a 40-foot semitrailer bed and natural oak. Many people who visit the cemetery always see the bridge to be strange not knowing why until they get closer to the inside plaque and the chain ribbon. That’s when they will realize that the bridge is just a love monument.

Larry says that he knows that his wife is smiling a beautiful smile wherever she is at the moment. He went on saying that he loved his wife so much and the love for her was not comparable.

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