He Pulled Over A Drunk Driver, But You Won’t Believe What Happened Next! Oh My God!

There is nothing better than watching funny and uplifting videos, but sometimes we feel the urge to share a video with an important message. We hope this video will help make our roads safer.

I don’t know what this drunk driver was thinking abour when she got pulled over by a police officer near the Pensacola Bay Bridge. According to what the officer was saying in the beginning of the video, the woman was driving under the effect of alcohols. The officer leaned through the window to ask her some basic questions, but then something unexpected happened: she restarted her car engine, accelerated and dragged the officer with her along the way until he was left on the side of the road with some serious injuries. I was in a complete shock while watching her drive away.

In the video’s description, we found that the woman is now behind bars for a “Hit and run” crime, but we are so glad to see how many people stopped their cars to help the injured officer after the incident.

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