He Recalls How The Woman He Met Smelled. My Ribs Are Still Aching!

Some people are really great at telling stories. They cover every detail and add mannerisms and comments where appropriate. Listening to them becomes really enjoyable as they tell any of their stories. Darcy Cimarello knows her husband to be that kind of a person. Most of the times, he tells stories that leave her crying because of having to laugh so hard.

This particular case was no different; Darcy thought it worth sharing one of her many moments by capturing the whole thing on camera, then sharing it with the world. He starts off by telling how he went to the store and was blasted with some of the worst smelling odors he has ever smelt from a couple of shoppers.

He hurries home in a bid to escape the odor and tells his wife about the incident. Darcy can barely stand as she laughs hysterically as her husband describes the smell over and over again, unable to stop with thought of the smell changing to words as he recalls his experience. He even recalls how other shopper reacted to the stench by the look on their faces.

Darcy tries to think of an excuse for the two women as to why they had to come shopping smelling that bad. She suggest maybe they work on a farm and had to drop whatever they were doing and get something they felt they could do without, or at least something that would make other people tolerate their stench.

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