He Receives His Girlfriend At The Airport, What He Does Next? What A Moment!

When Robin, the girlfriend to Ben Dellucca was returning home from a mission in Afghanistan, Ben told her he won’t make it to receive her.

Since she was an understanding lady who knew that  duty was the priority, she accepted it with a sad feeling since both of them are airmen of our great nation’s air force, and a very long time had passed since she last saw her fiancée.

Robin set off home without expecting any special reception at the airport. While on the escalator that was to usher her at the airport exit, she managed to spot somebody in the multitude.

It was Ben who had been standing there in his full uniform waiting for her. Emotions took control of her as she wept tears of joy and embraced him even if he had lied to her.

But actually it was not a lie as Ben had asked for permission and got to travel home so that he could receive his girlfriend!

What followed was a confession of the much he loved and missed. After the confession, Ben took many by surprise when he knelt down and asked her if she would marry him!

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