He Recorded The Baby Kicking. Now Watch Mom’s Belly Keenly. OMG!

You’ve obviously seen a lot of pregnant women. You’ve also heard of or even seen babies kicking in their mom’s wombs, but the one in this video is something you’ve never seen. Get ready for some real amazement!

At 39 weeks of expectancy, this mom has the biggest belly you’ve never seen. That tells that the baby is safe in there and growing well, and also very healthy. But it’s actually what this baby was doing in there that was generating quite a buzz. The baby was kicking, but his style was something new. The little one wanted to literally stick out of the belly!

From the video taken by the dad, you can see the hands pushing against the belly. You can also see the legs almost clearly. The head is also there. This baby is just perfect! Now look closely around the lady’s belly button region. Is that a face?!

This is really interesting and even much more inspiring. I love it. Please watch the full video and drop us a comment about it. You must SHARE this with everyone!


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