He Sang About Jesus Despite Warning – Watch What Makes Him The Best!

Whenever you hear about the Grand Ole Opry and celebrated music stars, you know big things will happen. Well, looking at the membership list is enough to convince any doubting Thomases.

With the hype of such a group, indicting a new star creates a memorable impression.

Vince Gill, a country musician, was invited to perform with the group.  Vince began as a country musician in the 1970s. He later started singing gospel music and made a career out of it.

However, he was warned not to perform any gospel song. He was advised to leave Jesus at home.

Well, Vince did not pay heed to their advice. Instead, he had a breathtaking religious performance that amazed the audience.

The group performed “Why Me Lord” an original creation of Kris Kristofferson. Kris wrote the song in 1972 after facing low seasons in his life.

Watch the video and see the Little Big Town and Vince Gill performance. While Little Big Town takes over the performance, you can hear Gill’s powerful voice in the background.

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