He Sets Up A Camera And Tries Some Moves, The Result Will Mesmerize You!

Let us face it; not everyone can dance. Some of us have two left feet.

JustSomeMotion, a YouTube user is a talented dancer. The dancer has practiced several dance styles over the years thereby honing his skills. The creative dancer combines several dance styles creating his unique style.

The dancer shares his dance moves with the entire world through his YouTube channel. He dances to an electronic beat that fuses electron, breakbeat, and jazz. Additionally, the German dancer blends the modern and traditional styles in a mesmerizing manner.

According to information from the dancer’s website, the dancer lists Charlestone, Melbourne Shuffle, Rebolation, and Tectonic as his main influence. He even displays certain characteristics in his dance performances.

Watching the talented German dancers will you give you goose bumps. The video has over 25 million views and people cannot enough of his mesmerizing moves. What do you think about the man’s talent? Will you love to watch such moves again? Kindly let us know in the comments section below.

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