He Sold His Car To Support Them, And Now They’re Doing This To Him. I’m Crying!

If you ask around, you’ll learn that a good dad is one who can make sacrifices for his family. In fact, you don’t have to go asking, because this video presents you the most straight-forward definition of that.

Here’s Rich Tipton, and he’s a good man from Owosso, MI. Now, Rich used to own a 1977 Corvette, and that good car served his honeymoon and a myriad of other functions in his home. However, he had to sell the car to support his family – a lovely daughter aged 6 and twins aged 2. That was in 1989, and now the times have come back for him!

Rich always swore he would buy back his nice car if he had the cash, and that didn’t escape his children, so they decided to do something cool for their caring dad. Now you won’t believe this!

So Rich’s children organized an epic surprise moment for him, and it’s going to move you to tears. As you can see in the great video, the man is truly getting his emotions stirred, even putting his hands on his face in an emotional moment. Now, this is what family is for.

Watch this and feel the love, then SHARE it to spread this great story. The sale was worth it!

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