He Surprises Everybody With His Dance At The Age Of 90! You’ve Got To Watch This!

One of the living legends in the pop culture is Dick Van Dyke. It is very hard to believe this but it is absolutely true, he can still jig around like anybody else, like he demonstrated in the video below.

The latest music video, “Never Had to Go.”  Of the Folk music band Dustbowl Revival, was done with the inclusion of Dick and his lovely wife. This is a video where Dick and his wife, Arlene are in the kitchen. Dick begins to dance while asking Arlene to join him in the dance. She hesitates but can’t do it for a long time since she finally gives in.  He is still a fun-loving guy and entertaining as always.

The band confessed that they had the concession of having him in their first single “Never Had To Go” from their 2015 release. This pleased Dick a lot and he, together with his wife decided to invite the band to their home for a video shooting. He is still growing strong as the years pass by, that was their comment as he is already 89 years, but can dance like he used to in those days while he was in Mary Poppins!

Rumor has it that, from his success, he was able to open up the way for the future films.  His unforgettable works were the 1965 musicals; Mary Poppins, with Julie Andrews and chitty, chitty, bang, bang of 1968.

Nobody can really deny his don of being a comic.

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