He Thought They Were Just Taking Pictures In A Photo Booth, Until His Wife Showed Him THIS!

Some people love to share their great news with family and friends in a creative way. But this next one is perfect and will definitely bring you to tears!

Time spent inside the photo booth is always candid and spontaneous. Jessica and her husband are a big fan of photo booths since their first date, when Jessica found out she is pregnant, she knew that would be the perfect way to share the big news with her husband.

When they went into the photo booth to take a few snapchats, the husband had no idea his wife had planned a surprise for him. She secretly set up a video camera to capture her husband’s reaction. When they started posing together for cute photos, Jessica lifted up something that made her husband breaking down in tears. Watching his reaction mixed with surprise and tear-jerking joy completely made my day. Congratulations to the couple!

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