He Took His Girlfriend To Rachel Ray’s Show To Prove He’s The Right Guy For Her.. I’m Speechless!

For one, we can all agree that love knows no boundaries, and that’s the exact reason that Brandon and Clara Belle stuck with each other for years despite their distinct fashion awareness. Clara was an out-going woman who loved to keep up with fashion. On the other hand, Brandon wasn’t so thrilled about it all. He would walk out of the house in just a T-shirt and jeans, with a long hair and a shaggy beard!

At one point, he decided to make a drastic change and pull a surprise on his dear girlfriend. And what better way to do that than to lure her to the most unsuspected of locations? Rachael Ray’s Show!

What happened on that stage is still a subject on many people’s lips. Everyone knows how much of a fashion guru one Gretta Monahan can be, and on this day, he’s letting everyone drool at his work. Now wait till that “new guy” finally emerges into the stage. Clara can’t believe this!

To mark the whole episode, Brandon has something to say about why he chose to get his hair and beard cut. Watch and SHARE!

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