He Uses Sand, Combs And Rakes To Make Design Artworks. The Outcome Is Mind Blowing!

I have seen numerous artworks before, but the moment I came across this one, I was wowed!  It totally blew my mind! This is what I call talent. In this clip, we see the wonderful artworks of Andres Amador. He is forty two years-old and Andres is known for creating artworks on the ground and that’s the reason why some people call him the “earthscape artist.” This guy uses the simple things to come up with amazing artworks. Amador uses sand as the canvas while combs and rakes as his brushes.  He is fond of creating his art at the show lines and beaches. Sometimes he creates designs and patterns almost the size of a football field.

Amador was an environmental scientist ten years ago, but he decided to quit his job and pursue his desire. Since then, Amador has created wonderful “earthscapes” on different show lines as well as in the Caribbean and California. After creating the artworks, he takes pictures of his work using a quad- copter. He then sells the pictures to the people.

Be ready to be wowed by his artworks!

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