He Walked Away From Fame And Awards To Do This, And It’s Working Out Really Well. Lovely!

Rick Guidotti is an award-winning photographer, but he likes to show his inside more than he wants to be famous and heavily paid. That’s what made Rick walk away from the big and lucrative deals of dealing with top models to work with the less famous ones. But he only does that for a good course. Let’s just say that this good man has finally fund real beauty, and he likes it that way.

Since he ditched the big industry some 15 years ago, this cool guy has been focused on capturing the traditional subjects, and he does this noble action to let the whole world get to realize that real beauty isn’t confined to famous magazine covers only.

You can call this man shrewd, but I’ll call him original and the type that doesn’t follow the scent of money. Rick followed his passion.

Check out this great video to see some of this man’s great work. You’ll like this so much that you’ll really want to SHARE it with everyone you know. Also comment and tell what you think about this. Fantastic!


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