He Was Always Positive But Never Expected This When He Was Invited. WOW!

When Artis and his family moved to Minnesota from Kansas City, all they hoped for was a better life. All did not go as planned since they found themselves homeless and were forced to spend their nights in the car. So as to ensure his twin daughters of 5 years were comfortable, he had to work on two jobs. He revealed to WDAF news that he was more concerned and did not mind anything about himself.

In the clip below, we meet Artis who thinks he is about to attend another interview while accompanied by his daughters. He was hoping to find another new home and never expected what was awaiting him. The moment he enters, he is shocked to find keys of a new home waiting for him without any form of interview. It was an early Christmas gift that caught him by surprise and the experience was too much for him to hold back his tears.

The gift came from a project which had been launched back in 2008 known as seventh Constructing Futures house. The aim of this project is breaking the poverty cycle by restoring abandoned homes and giving them to the homeless families.

Artis calls his new home a blessing, and the best Christmas in the world. Please SHARE this incredible story with your friends on Facebook!

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