He Was Born All Fine, And Not Even This Can Change His Perception Of Life. I’m Inspired By This Little One!

When little Diego Melendez was born, he was perfect of health, and he and his lovely parents looked to living a great life. However, some things just happen.

At a young age, Diego was diagnosed with Parry-Romberg Syndrome. This condition happens when the body starts eating away the softer tissues. It started on the little boy’s face. This could result to extensive facial damage, but little Diego and his family has an antidote for all that. He loves his life.

Despite the fact that this boy has so much to complain about, he still lives his life to the fullest. The unending love from his parents and the good treatment and care from his nice doctors makes him even more vibrant towards his life.

From the look of things, this young man’s future is bright. With that kind of attitude, people really do go places. I love that.

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