He Was Occupied With His Phone And Was About To Miss Rare Opportunity… Watch This!

The guy you are about to see in this clip is a photographer. Eric Smith was just taking photos while he was having a good time on the Redondo Beach. This guy was so busy using his phone to the point that he did not even notice an incredible sight. At that point, a whale and her young one were swimming near the show. Many people would pay to see such a thing in their lifetime, but Smith nearly missed it. Eric was surprised the moment he realized someone in the background of the photographs. He took a keen look at his phone just to catch a glimpse of this breathtaking sight. This whale was just a few minutes from the boat! What a wonderful thing to have a look at!

Eric’s story is a clear indication of how the current society is so much into their phones to the point of forgetting what happens around them. Some individuals even have a tendency of checking their phones while driving.

What is your opinion after having a look at this photo? Do you think people have become so much obsessed to their smartphones? Kindly SHARE your views on the remarks section below.

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