He Went Against The Military Rules To Save The Cat, After That? WOW!

Those in the military are not allowed to take in stray cats or dogs they come across. Jesse Knott, a Staff Sergeant who has been serving for 8 years was forced to help a stray cat. He took the cat in and kept him in the office so as to ensure he was protected from the terrors associated with war. Koshka ended up reminding Jesse the things he had missed back in Oregon, his home.

One day, Jesse came back from war so stressed up. He had lost his two friends in the fighting and he was in a hopeless situation. That was the case until when Koshka comforted him by crawling into his lap. That made him to find hope in life.

As a matter of fact, Koshka is not the only cat who has been able to express such a special connection. Jesse’s bond with the cat he rescued is enough to let us know that the animals we rescue may in the long run end up being our rescuers. At the end, Jesse was able to take Koshka back to his home in Oregon. He had to spend over $3,000 to ensure he successfully did it.

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