Her Baby Went Missing, Now Watch What Happens When She Posts Photos On Facebook…

Simon Boisclais and Melissa McMahon were the happiest new parents in town until the unexpected happened. A woman who was dressed like a nurse approached them while they were in their hospital room and requested to take the baby away for routine tests. The woman was a kidnapper and the authorities were called by the hospital 13 minutes later and the search for little Victoria started.

The photos of the culprit and the baby were posted on Facebook by Melissa. The images made the news and were all over. Melizanne Begeron who was out with her friends decided to assist with the search around the locality. When they keenly looked at the kidnapper’s photo, one of her friends discovered that the woman used to be a neighbor. They then immediately alerted the police and gave the address of the kidnapper. It did not take long before baby Victoria was found and safely reunited with her parents.

Rescuing the baby was Melizzanne’s best moment in life and she was happy that the baby had not been harmed for the 3 hours.

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