Her Body Was Burned 2 Years Ago By A Jealous Maniac, When She Takes Off The Mask? UNBELIEVABLE!

You must learn to appreciate yourself before others can do because everything can change within a blink of an eye. That’s the lesson I was taught by my mom while I was young. Ask Dana Vulin, and the 28-year-old lady will tell you better.

Dana, who comes from Perth, Australia never expected that her life could change within a short time and destroy her looks which she always cherished in. She was at a receiving end of a jealous woman who saw her talk to her husband during a party. The woman had then promised Dana that she was going to ruin her beautiful face.

The woman fulfilled and attacked her in her apartment. The result of the attack left Dana with 3rd degree burns which covered about 60% of her body. Though she found herself in a condition she least expected, she never let depression take advantage of her. Her courage reminds me of Rebekah Gregory Dimartimo who despite losing a leg during the Boston Marathon attacks; she never stopped enjoying what life has to offer.

She underwent several reconstructive surgeries and was forced to hide behind a mask for many months. When she finally takes off the mask, she hopes that every person can be able to see beyond her looks and see the strong woman in her. She wants her kind of determination to inspire many who might find themselves in wanting situations.

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