Her Brother Convinced Her To Do It, What Happened Next Made My Day! LOL!

Roller coaster rides are not for everyone. Some people love it and get extremely excited about it. However, most people are fearful by it and would refuse to even go close to it, because it can really make your heart jumped out of you.

A hilarious example of this thrill ride will be this video of a woman with her brother in Myrtle Beach Sling Shot. The Sling shot is known by far as one of the most exciting vertical amusement rides available today. Slingshot passengers are propelled over 150 meters at speeds of 160 km per hour. The woman had accepted her brother’s challenge. Even before the ride began, she was barging and kept telling her brother how much she hated this. Once they were launched in the sky, her reaction is going to make you laugh like a crazy. Watch the video below!

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