Her Dead Husband Still Sends Her Flowers During Valentine’s Day – It’s Breathtaking!

Jim, Shelly Golay’s spouse was found to be having a brain tumor which was impossible to be operated. The terrifying news shocked her as she knew that her husband would soon pass away. He later died in July 2014, and on 14th February 2015, on Valentine’s Day, she was only remembering the lovely moments she spent with him when someone brought her flowers which were sent by Jim.

She was surprised with the delivery of the flowers until she learned the touching fact.

Before Jim passed away, he organized for Shelly to be getting flowers on every Valentine’s Day until she also ceases to exist. Shelly confessed that her husband was an adorable guy who knew to love even when he is long gone. She continued saying that she will receive flowers till she dies a sign of how his love to her was unlimited.

When trying to get the truth where the flowers came from and who sent them, she called the flower store which told her that it was a plan for Jim. One of the workers was touched with the action and said that she only used to see that in films.

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