Her Favorite Song Plays While She Is Cooking. What She Did? Hilarious!

The woman in this clip was preparing a meal in the kitchen and seemed to be concentrating on cooking. The funny part of this clip is seen the very moment she hears her favorite song playing.

I have a feeling that there could be a person reading this post right now and has actually ended up tapping his or her toe to the renown “ice ice baby” associated to the vanilla ice. For a long time, this particular song has been a hit and it is still a hit to this day.

Wikipedia shows that “ice ice baby” was released like a side B for the vanilla ice’s cover. It was meant to go along with “play that funky music” though the song did not gain fame at that time.

It only gained fame when the disc jockey played it. Amazingly as a song, it was the first hip-hop to top the charts in Belgium, UK, Australia, and Netherlands. The song has also helped in spreading the love for hip-hop music across different countries.

The lady’s dance moves are amazing. If you have a different opinion, Kindly SHARE your view in the remarks section below.

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