Her House Is In Foreclosure, And Then This Stranger Shows Up And Does This To Her. Now, That’s Really Human!

So Tracy Orr went ahead and took out an $80,000 loan for a beautiful home, and then she lost her job. You can imagine what could happen in that case. When the good lady could no longer afford her home mortgage payments, the creditors moved in with their usual aggression, even after she paid them $12,000. They put her house up for sale, and they made sure to put up an auction at her home.

Being a strong woman, Tracy attended the auction, and then a lady sat beside her and asked her if she was going to buy the house. It broke Tracy, she cried, she couldn’t answer that. She only told the strange lady that the house on sale was hers.

That’s when things started happening. The stranger, Marilyn Mock, started bidding for the house, and eventually bought it off for $30,000. But that’s not the end of it. She was actually buying back the house for Tracy!

You have to watch this and feel the emotion. We still have some good Samaritans left on Earth. Please SHARE this!


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