Her Parents Are Stars, And She’s Going There Too. I’m In Love With Her!

It’s during America’s Got Talent, and Heavenly Joy is on the stage. She’s about to do what very few manage to.

When they saw her on that stage, no one knew what this cute little Gem had up her sleeve, until she started belting out the lyrics to “In Summer,” a great song from Disney’s Frozen. In no time, the house went down, and not even the four judges could resist her charm. When she hits the high notes, they all lit up!

The even cuter thing about Heavenly is that she doesn’t just sing. She has the best ever dance moves to rhyme with her vocals, and I give her that. Now, this 5-year-old happens to hail from a “musical background,” with her dad, Rodney Jerkins, being a famed music producer who has done deals with the likes of Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and a horde of others. That explains why she loves the stage, and even her mom agrees to the fact that Joy likes the fans.

You just can’t skip this, so you need to watch and love it. You’ll even want to SHARE with all your friends on Facebook.


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