Her Pup Gets Into The Stroller, What Follows? Hilarious!

Dogs are wonderful creatures and most people love having them in their homes. They are just part of family since they always make us laugh, keep us company as we take a walk and also fun to watch as they play around.

If you have kids in your house and you probably wonder the best gift you can give to them, then you ought to find a puppy for them. They have that capacity of acting as babysitters and protectors.

In this wonderful clip, you will see a young girl who loves playing with her pup; a dachshund. Her parents might have bought her the stroller for her doll but what she does with her stroller in this clip will make you laugh. The best part comes when the dog is just relaxed on the stroller as the young girl gives it a ride.

After watching this clip, I advocate that every child should have a pup in the house to play with. As much as other dogs won’t prefer to be pushed around the house, this pup does not mind at all. Watch this clip to see how it all happened!

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