Her Soldier Son Died In Combat, Now See What She’s Doing With His Clothes. Heart-Warming!

Lisa Freeman has always been a great mom, and it’s evident.

Lisa’s son, Matthew, served with the US Marines, and when she got the news that he had been killed in Afghanistan, she was deeply saddened. Lisa sought a way to vent off the grief and live positively, and then she bumped into her son’s combat uniforms. That changed everything.

Lisa is a bright lady, so she quickly had an idea. She figured out that if she could make something out of the uniforms, it would help her keep her son’s memory alive, so she made a teddy bear out of it. But word went round and people got to know what she had done, and now everyone who loses a loved one in military service looks for Lisa.

With her sewing machine, she makes some teddy bears out the combat uniforms brought to her. These special teddy bears help the grieved families feel the presence of their loved ones everyday of their lives. That’s what has actually helped Lisa live without being depressed about her son’s death.

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