Her Son’s Death Was A Preventable One, Watch To Let Your Kid Stay Safe!

A kid is walking about or playing around, and then they happen to come across a quarry full of water. As it is with kids, the little one might start having some ideas about enjoying themselves, and that’s how you might find them trying to swim in that dangerous quarry.

But these quarries can be so dangerous as to kill a human. Sally Yabra had a son, Jonathan Baksh. One day, Jonathan was trying to swim in a quarry when he drowned. Sally lost her son. That’s sad, and this mom is now dedicated to making sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Great!

Sally is now spreading a message that could potentially save many lives. It’s about the inherent desire of kids to jump into waters, especially quarries. Quarries are dangerous, especially since there’s no way to determine their depths and the debris in them. They’re also subject to temperature changes and debris traps that can be very harmful to a child.

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