Here Is A New Version Of Adele’s “Hello,” And It Will Crack Your Ribs!

For sure the latest song that Adele sang is topping all the musical charts. Many of us watch this song more than five times in a consecutive manner. But in the clip below, which is not sang by Adele but is a parody of her song, we see a woman singing and becoming sad for too much consumption of Cheetos.

When you watch the “Hello” clip to the end, you can’t help laughing of how mothers all over the world never have an idea of solving an algebra question, or how they have never been bothered to see that their kids do the assignment left by the teachers. Basically, this is a “hello” clip from The Mother’s Side.

Emily Mills is the composer and the singer of the song. She lives in Waco, Texas. She uses all the encountered hardship as a mother to draft this wonderful song of which is an imitation of Adele’s comeback hit “Hello.” In the clip, we see Adele of 27 years being a mother of a small kid. But even though it is an imitation, this song talks the mother’s experience, while the real version is about prostitution.

The singer wants to send a message to her adolescent daughter that as a mother, she has tried numerous times to communicate to her that the homework is very hard, but when she intents doing it, she never feels sorry for her.

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