Here Is The Another Side Of Ellen You Have Never Known. But Wait Until You See The End…

Ellen is one of the nicest people around. Yet even when you are working for someone like her, there are still boundaries you are not supposed to cross. So when her receptionist called from her front desk while she was in the process of introducing her guest, she was not amused. However, her receptionist had a good reason for doing so. She knew that Ellen would be thrilled to hear it even though she was not expecting a call from her at such a time.

Her receptionist had just received a letter from one of the guests sitting in the audience. The contents were something she would not want to keep from Ellen, since they would not have, much meaning to that day’s show if she waited till it was over. As the camera pan towards Kim, the woman who wrote the letter, she is already in tears. Her mother who accompanied her to the show was there as well.

Ellen decided to give her a joke wedding dress and a bouquet as well, which had her laughing with joy and appreciation of the gesture. But when Ellen reaches out and gets something from behind the seat, her jaw literally drops.

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